These are a few of the sketches that fill my sketch book

Tiny little painting while mixing skin tones_._._._._._._._._._
Cats and birds_._._._._._
Zentangled lady_._._._._._._._
Sunday night sketching_._._._._._._
Sketching at cafes_._._._._._._
Still sketching cats ._._._._._._
Empty coffee cups and more sketching for the upcoming Catshibition2 _incube8r Dec 7th_Lock it in! ._
Helping me finish off some art for  an exhibition next Thursday at _incube8r 6-8pm, CatsHibition 2
Sketching for the upcoming Catshibition2 _incube8r_._._._._._._
#feels ._._._._._._
Mermaid envy_._._._._._._._
Happy Halloween, Hope you reap some tasty treats! ._._._._._._
Just some sketching..._._._._._._
Happy Friday 13th_._._._._._
Dead stare watching you go_._._._._._._
New sketchbooks and coffees_._._._._._
Txts from boys ._._._._._._._
With a fish for company, who needs friends_ ._._._._._._
Before work sketches in the car_._._._._._._
Painted on tears ._._._._._._._
Just a sketch of a deer watching a scene unfold_._._._._._._._
Sweat upon my brow, roll my eyes back at what you said. _My lips were for kissing but you made me de
Before work sketches in the car_._._._._._._
Sucker punch my heart with your love (Referencing _scoobtoobins)_._._._._._._._._._
Bare myself my heart is dead,_Reach for my soul to mend my head_._._._._._._._
Just some characters in space_._._._._._._
I can still taste you..._._._._._._._
Had a sketching session with a friend today, tried to finish this one off that I started last week b
A terribly sketchy sketch with a pen about to die_._._._._._._
Started this as a pencil sketch months ago and finally getting back into it_._._._._._._._
Doing some art swaps with friends 😊_._._._._._
I did the roughest sketch of an orchid in my art class as a demonstration, but I kind of like it
Coffee in yellow cups and sketching_._._._._._._._
Quick sketch in poor lighting before seeing fuuny man Rhys Darby perform!_._._._._._
More art swaps ._._._._._
Tag dag_._._._._._._
A quick dinosaur sketch_._._._._._._
To see this beauty finished come down to Incube8r on Smith Street to celebrate their 10th birthday!
Found a sketch I forgot a started so adding a few more touches_._._._._._._
A little thank you gift a whipped up...stars in your eyes_._._._._._
And that unicorn jumped over the moon_._._._._._._
Txts from boys ._._._._._._._
Coffee, sketching and musings_._._._._._._._
Tonsillitis got me feeling like this_._._._._._._
Don't wait for sleep to dream..._._
If you want to give up, you go for it you champion! ._
Mini paintings ._
Loved working on these illustrations for _saintpiercing and so flattered and humbled by his kind res
Bear with me_._
Happy mother's day! ._
A birthday gift for _emmyedee ! I totally thought it said 'love more curvy' but have been told it ac
To see this beauty finished come down to Incube8r on Smith Street to celebrate their 10th birthday!
Working on a sketch for tomorrow, I'll be at _incube8r for interactive painting, come say hi_._._._.
Conversations with wolves_._._._._._._
Let down. ._._._._._
Living deep_._._._._._._._
Little sketches_._._._._._
Disappointed. ._._._._._._
Happy Easter! ._._._._._._
In the beginning there was greylead...._._
The true death_._
This is the end. ._
Early stage sketches_._
Poppy girl_._
The Black Eyed Bandits_._
Queen of crying_._
Going patten crazy_._
When you're feeling windswept and blown, but you're wearing a cape..._._
Txts from boys ._
Being watched while I work_._
Trying to block out. _Trying to get in. ._
Mask or eye make up gone wrong..._ ._
Getting painty today _)_._
Txts from boys_._
Who needs to see anyway_._
Funky mermaid ._
All dressed up and no where to go..._._
All these thoughts all the feelings_._
Sketchin curvy girls_._
Prismacolor and pen ._
New sketch book getting a work out ._
Tired of trying but can't let go_._
Eat me_._
Prince_A true superstar_._
Mini sketch session_._._._._
Disappointment halo_._._._
Do or Die_._._._
I'm struggling in this heat wave, trying to remember a cooler time when coats were needed_._._._._
The sweetest dreams can't hold the night, and they will fade once in the light, but trust my dear th
After being sick for a couple of weeks I'm trying to slowly get back into some sketching_._._._
Little sketch for a tattoo a friend wants_._._._
Kitty kat disguise ._._._._
Trying to unwind with some sketching before I start my next shift ._._._
Queen of nothing queen of everything_._._._
Working on this cutie_._._
Happy Halloween ._._
Working on this cool cat for my up coming group exhibiting at _incube8r 😼 ._._._
Another piece on the way_._._
Progress shot of new piece ._._
Slowly coming to life ._._
Txts from boys ._._
Getting some sketching done, inspired by _fhdolls_._._
Lair liar pants on fire_._
Txts from boys_._
Cartooning and zining ._
Txts from boys_._._
Txts from boys_._
Bats in the night sky_._
Txts from boys_._
Life. Death. Heartbreak. ._
I'd be lying if I said it was alright_._
It ain't over 'til it's over_._
A pool of black tears ._
Gypsy woman_._
Starting to add a little colour ._
More sketching_._
Being adventurous and adding colour ._
I hit a road block with my art for a while there, but finally got my sketch back on and am feeling g
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men_.
Are you OK_ ._
Facing fears that are still behind me_._
...and scene!_._
In search of....._._
Haha just found this old sketch from before the zombie craze. I must of felt the apocalypse coming_.
Alone on a mountain..._._
Sometimes you just need a big bear hug_._
Aries ._
Something I started working on last night_._
In a cloak of confusion_._
The crying cloud_._
Just found this cute little sketch I did a few years ago_._
What's the point. ._
Saturday morning sketches_._
Downtime with fineliner_._
Black lightning on a gloomy mood ._
Who cares. ._
Just some sketching_._
Wildmyth creatures ._
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Fortune teller_._
Getting a bit Disney_._
Mandala madness ._
Wildmyth creature_._
Some sketching_._
Let me dream, let me sleep_._
Zombie lust..._._
Mind games_._
Royal pain_._
'Ask'_sometimes sketching with just a black pen is the best!_._
Happy Winter Solstice! ._
Line work_._
Raining on a broken heart_._
Lots of lines lots of worries_._
You must take the light with the dark_._
Fortune favors the bold_._
Front page of my new sketch book_._
It was never gonna last ._
Professor Owl
In thought
Twirl around my finger
Who Can?
blue girl
Sugar Lady
Peacock Girl
on the bus